2023 AIBD Poster|Colon-targeted Delayed Release Drug Delivery Tablet Fabricated by MED® 3D Printing Technology


During December 14-16, our Global BD VP Dr. Yulian Zhang presented a poster at the Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases conference around “Colon-targeted Delayed Release Drug Delivery Tablet Fabricated by MED 3D Printing Technology”, showcasing the latest research results of our 3D Microstructure for Colon Targeting (3DμS-CT).


The research data solidifies the precise targeting delivery capability of 3DμS-CT, demonstrating immense potential in developing colonic locally acting and systemically absorbed drugs. Our 3D printed drug product, T21, developed based on this platform, has obtained FDA IND approval, with clinical studies already underway.

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Triastek is a global leader in 3D printing pharmaceuticals, pioneering the next generation of digital pharmaceutical processes. 

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Leveraging our proprietary 3D printing pharmaceutical technology, we design and develop transformative medicines for patients. Through collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies, we tackle challenging formulation problems, accelerating the development of new drug products and improving the quality of pharmaceuticals. 

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