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3D Microstructure for Gastric Retention

Triastek's 3DuS®-GR can deliver the drug product to the stomach and stay there for a target period of time. The drug release can be designed accordingly to achieve an extended-release/pulsatile-release, which can improve the absorption of APl and enhance the drug efficacy.

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Structure Design of 3DμS®-GR
3DμS®-GR achieves long-term and stable retention of drugs in the stomach through its special bloom structure design.
Application Scenarios of 3DμS®-GR
3DμS®-GR enables sustained absorption of drugs in the upper GI tract to improve oral bioavailability.

    Sustained Absorption in Upper GI

    Improve Oral Bioavailability

Advantages of 3DμS®-GR

Simplify Dosing Regimen

By prolonging the drug release time in the stomach, the dosage regimen can be simplified to reduce the pill burden and improve the long-term medication compliance of patients.

Improve Clinical Efficacy

Gastric retention products can extend the release time of the drug in the stomach, increase drug absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, and improve the therapeutic efficacy.

Ensure Medication Safety

The capsule shell keeps the bloom structure in folded state before entering the stomach. Rounded corner design to avoid any gastric damage. Bloom structure will be departed within a designated time period and excreted from the pylorus.

Image Tracking Technology

Tracking agents for X-ray imaging are 3D printed in the structure to precisely track their gastric retention and Gl transition.

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