Triastek’s Co-founder and CSO, Professor Xiaoling Li, Presents at the FDA Workshop, Defining 'Candy-Like' Nonprescription Drug Products


Since 2019, there’s been a spike in the number of children younger than 4 who were taken to the emergency room for ingesting gummy multivitamins and over-the-counter sleep aids like melatonin. That’s why the FDA convened a meeting of experts on October 30 to discuss what, exactly, makes a drug “candy-like.”

Our co-founder and CSO Prof. Xiaoling Li was invited to the workshop on October 30 and shared insights from the perspective of 3DP pharmaceuticals.

Source: FDA website

MED 3D printing process has numerous advantages in pharmaceutical applications, and the concept of "by design" is incorporated throughout process of drug design, development, and production. It allows for structural design both externally and internally, enabling control over factors such as timing, quantity, and location, thus meeting personalized requirements. Additionally, 3D printing could be used in pharmaceutical industry extensively, including drug delivery with special pharmacokinetic profiles, clinical research sample supply, challenging dosage form development, continuous production, on-demand manufacturing, and personalized drug administration.
Highly digitalized applications of 3D printing above can also be used to develop and produce candy-like drug products.
Prof. Li discussed more about the definition of candy-like drug product, the distinctions between that and candy, as well as of its manufacturing challenges with Danae Christodoulou, Natalia Davydova, Jeff WorthingtonSwapan De in the penal “Formulation Considerations for Solid Oral Candy-Like Dosage Forms”.

Source: FDA website



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