2023 Triastek 3D Printing Tech Day Was Successfully Held in Boston


On October 15th, 2023 Triastek 3D Printing Tech Day was successfully held in Boston. Managers and scientists from Eli Lilly, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sun Pharmaceutical, Philips, Eisai, Hengrui, HotSpot, Crispr, Harvard Medical School, Boston University, Northeastern University, and Boston Children's Hospital etc. came together for in-depth discussions on the innovative applications of 3D printing technology in drug dosage form study, digital development, and continuous manufacturing.

Check out the special moments from the 2023 Triastek 3D Printing Tech Day!

We were honored to have Jae Yoo, founder of Foundation Layers LLC, present on the fascinating topic of Pharmaceutical Applications of 3DP and Additive Manufacturing. His insights provided valuable knowledge on how this technology can revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. 
Our senior advisor Tim Tracy shared his expertise on "3D Printing: The Future of Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing." His presentation shed light on the potential that 3D printing holds for advancing pharmaceutical innovation. 
Furthermore, our global BD VP Yulian Zhang elaborated on Triastek's business models and existing partnerships. Her presentation highlighted the numerous opportunities that lie ahead in the world of 3D printing pharmaceuticals.

“Very impressive to see you at what pace you develop and how you define the future.” Said Daniel Treffer, founder and CEO of MeltPrep at the Tech Day.

We’ll organize more insightful events in the future! Stay tuned!

About Triastek

Triastek is a global leader in 3D printing pharmaceuticals, pioneering the next generation of digital pharmaceutical processes.

Founded in July 2015, Triastek is dedicated to the mission of "revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry, unlocking the next generation of medicine and benefitting patients worldwide." We have created the Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®) 3D printing pharmaceutical process, transforming the delivery, development, and production of medication through digital product development and continuous manufacturing.

Leveraging our proprietary 3D printing pharmaceutical technology, we design and develop transformative medicines for patients. Through collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies, we tackle challenging formulation problems, accelerating the development of new drug products and improving the quality of pharmaceuticals.

Our vision is to become the world's most influential intelligent pharmaceutical enterprise.

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