Breaking the new record of product development speed of emerging technologies, Triastek’s third in-house developed drug T21 submitted the PIND meeting request to the FDA


Today, the third drug product developed by Triastek - T21, formally submitted the PIND meeting request to the FDA. At present, three 3D printed drug products of Triastek have entered the registration application phase. The world was deeply impressed by the amazing speed of product development of the emerging technology.

Dr. Senping Cheng, founder and CEO of Triastek, said: “T21 is one of our first-tier series products. Commercially, it is one of the ongoing cases of Triastek’s business model to extend the life cycle of blockbuster drugs; Technically, it not only shows the capability of using MED®3D printing with the versatility of the tablet structure and programmed controls of drug release, but shows the efficiency of 3DFbD® digital drug development technology."

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