Triastek Announced Opening Strategy of Era 2.0, Starting Global Business Cooperation


Nanjing, China, October 27th, Triastek, Inc., the global leader in 3D pharmaceutical printing, announced its corporate development path and the opening strategy era 2.0: Commercialize 3D pharmaceutical printing technology by opening up technical resources and establishing relationships with global pharmaceutical companies.

Dr.Senping Cheng, the founder and CEO of Triastek, said: “Triastek has six years experience of innovation and entrepreneurship and now we are ready for the expedition. While continuing to innovate in technology, Triastek will use the power of technology platform to serve global pharmaceutical companies and commit to the digitalization and intelligence of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Triastek originated from the idea of "a scientific hypothesis, a world-changing dream". In July 2015, Triastek was established in Nanjing. At the very beginning, Triastek set the goal to become an intelligent pharmaceutical company with global influence and planned a three-stage development path.

From 2015 to 2019, in era 1.0, Triastek completed the development of 3D pharmaceutical printing platform technology with a strategy driven by intellectual property. From 2020 to 2025, in era 2.0, Triastek will establish broadly commercial cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies to fulfill the value of emerging technologies. Starting from 2026, Triastek will enter era 3.0 and become an essential global innovative pharmaceutical technology supplier.

Currently, Triastek has 127 international patent applications, which means more than 20%of applications in the global 3D printing pharmaceutical field. It’s also the company with the most comprehensive patent layout and the largest number of patent applications in this field. Four 3D printed pharmaceutical products worldwide have entered or completed the registration process, and three of them are from Triastek. In July 2020, the United States Pharmacopeia(USP) formally invited Triastek to formulate industry standards for 3D printed drugs.

Technological innovation is the engine of sustained growth in the pharmaceutical industry. Triastek’s MED®3D printing technology has revolutionized the traditional pharmaceutical process and redefined the underlying logic, process flow, and production mode based on Industry 4.0, achieving continuous, intelligent, real-time quality control of product manufacturing. Triastek’s 3DFbD® developing method upgrades the traditional trial-and-error formulation development to a digital method called “3D Printing Formulation by Design”, significantly reducing development time and cost. The three-dimensional structure of drug formulation design created by Triastek can achieve programmatic precise control of drug release, solve challenging formulations and release curves, and provide various product design methods to meet different clinical needs.

Dr. Senping Cheng said, “At present, we have iterated Triastek 3D printing drug equipment more than ten times, and we already have ten product pipelines. At the end of this year, Triastek will build a continuous production line for 3D printed drugs with an annual capacity of 50 million tablets.” In the six years since its establishment, Triastek has completed five rounds of financing from well-known institutions, including Tasly Group, The Morningside Venture Capital, Volcanics Venture, Dalton Venture, Yunqi Partners, Matrix Partners, CPE Yuanfeng, Shanghai STVC Group and Triwise Capital.

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