Triastek and Siemens announce strategic collaboration to accelerate digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry


Triastek, Inc. and Siemens Ltd., China have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to provide digital technologies for the global pharmaceutical industry. Combining Triastek's industry-leading 3D printing and digital pharmaceutical technologies and Siemens' global leadership in automation and digitization is expected to lead to innovative and transformative solutions for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.


Triastek and Siemens announce strategic collaboration to accelerate digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry

Regulatory agencies including the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), European EMA (European Medicines Agency), and China's NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) have encouraged pharmaceutical companies to modernize their manufacturing processes through adopting continuous manufacturing processes and digital technologies. Triastek is actively implementing the continuous manufacturing approach in conjunction with advanced digital tools to streamline and improve their manufacturing processes and products. Combining these innovations with Siemens' digitization and automation expertise will address regulatory agency desires to reduce pharmaceutical product quality issues, lower manufacturing costs, and improve availability of quality medicines to patients.

This collaboration between Triastek and Siemens will leverage their respective technological advantages, strengths, and capabilities to address pharmaceutical industry needs and improve patient outcomes. Triastek's proprietary pharmaceutical MED® (Melt Extrusion Deposition) 3D printing platform technology for R&D and mass production integrated with the advanced automation and digital technologies provided by Siemens will accelerate product R&D, and facilitate continuous manufacturing approaches, paperless production, real time product release, equipment and facility maintenance. These innovations are expected to improve production line throughput whilst maintaining the highest product quality.

Finally, in collaboration with Siemens, Triastek plans to establish an intelligent pharmaceutical manufacturing center, where a virtual laboratory, smart factory, and digital twin technologies will be incorporated into every aspect of pharmaceutical operations.

Founded in 2015, Triastek has entered the mass production and business development phase. In October 2021, Triastek released its Era 2.0 Open Strategy, a plan to commercialize its proprietary MED® 3D printing technology via collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies and suppliers. Based on its Open Strategy and the collaboration, Triastek provides digital product R&D and an innovative manufacturing platform that allows business partners to utilize and integrate Triastek technologies into their operations, from initial drug development through commercial production.

Dr. Senping Cheng, Founder and CEO of Triastek, commented on the announcement: "This strategic collaboration has broadened the possibilities of pharmaceutical digitalization. Triastek's MED® 3D printing technology represents a new digital pharmaceutical technology, building the foundation for a digital pharma future. MED® 3D printing represents a novel drug R&D paradigm, from product development through product launch, while introducing new models to manage production and supply. Triastek will make this open platform available to digital technology providers in order to jointly advance the Pharma 4.0 initiative, serving our greater vision of transforming the future of the pharmaceutical industry."

Mr. Jinsong Zhang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of sales region east of digital industries of Siemens Ltd., China also commented on this partnership: "Siemens' strategic cooperation with Triastek builds a win-win cooperation of a digital solution provider leader and a 3D printing pharmaceutical leader. Siemens has rich 3D printing experiences and a full spectrum of digital solutions for manufacturing transformation. I believe the fusion of 3D printing technology with pharmaceutical digitalization establishes a new paradigm, which unifies R&D and production, and advances the end-to-end model from demand to delivery. The partnership will help Triastek to accelerate digital pharmaceutical 4.0, which will eventually bring about significant benefits to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide."

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