Triastek announced the completion of hundreds of millions of RMB in B+ round of financing


On November 23, Triastek announced the completion of hundreds of millions of RMB in B+ round of financing. Leading by Triwise Capital, the original shareholders Matrix Partners and Yunqi Partners put additional investment. China Renaissance served as the exclusive financial consultant for this round of financing.

Triastek completed hundreds of millions of RMB in B+ round financing again within just a few months with completing 330 million yuan in B round financing in June. It shows thehigh recognition by new and existing shareholders. This round of financing will be mainly used for talent recruitment and business cooperation.

Triastek, Inc., founded in 2015, is the global leader of 3D printing pharmaceuticals company and the pioneer of global new generation of digital pharmaceutical solutions. Triastek is dedicated to establishing brand new 3D printing pharmaceuticals platform, covering dosage form design, digital development, and intelligent production of the entire chain. As the first Chinese pharmaceutical company selected into the US FDA's Emerging Technology Project, it is participating in the formulation of United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 3D printing pharmaceuticals industry standard.

After six years of development, Triastek has been staying ahead of the curve, accounting for more than 20% of the patent applications in the global 3D printing pharmaceutical field and is about to build a continuous and intelligent 3D printing pharmaceutical production line with an annual capacity of 50 million tablets. On October 27, 2021, Triastek announced its opening strategy era 2.0, marking the company's official entry into the commercialization stage of emerging technologies.


Triastek MED 3D printing pharmaceutical production line V2.5 (Prototype Production Line)


Dr. Senping Cheng, the founder and CEO of Triastek, said, “Thanks to Triwise Capital and our old shareholders for their support to Triastek, and thanks to China Renaissance’s help. In the rapid development of Triastek era 2.0, we will use the power of technology platform to serve global pharmaceutical companies and commit to the digitalization and intelligentization of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Mr. Zhenhua Zheng, managing partner of Triwise Capital, said, “We are honored to be the leading investor in this round of financing of Triastek. With a “30% Investment + 70% Service” philosophy, Triwise Capital brings value by connecting entrepreneurs with not only capital, but more importantly, essential resources that boost business development. Triastek has the MED 3D printing technology, which can achieve precise control of drug release, improve the efficiency of drug products, reduce side effects, and bring more clinically valuable drug products to patients. Besides, Triastek will implement the opening strategy and establish extensive cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies by opening up technical resources to commercialize the emerging technologies. Triastek concentration and professionalism are in line with the investment philosophy of Triwise capital. We will join hands with Triastek and march forward together to promote the development of the global life and health industry."

Dr. Zhiyun Yu, a partner of Matrix Partners, said, “Triastek’s breakthrough 3D printing pharmaceutical technology platform can cover almost all types of target drug release profiles. As the first Chinese pharmaceutical company selected into the US FDA's Emerging Technology Project, Triastek’s technology Platform has high barriers, and a large amount of knowledge has been accumulated in all aspects of pharmaceutical preparations. It has achieved the closed loop of drug target curve design, design preparation structure and composition, establishment of pharmaceutical preparation models, printing prototype verification and large-scale production. Since our cooperation, Triastek has accelerated its development. Now, there are three 3D printing pharmaceuticals that have entered the registration stage in the world are from Triastek with a total number of four. In the future, with the accelerated iteration and opening of the Triastek ecosystem, there will have more and more innovative drugs that surprise us through 3D printing technology. We are very optimistic that Triastek will bring more innovative drugs that meet clinical needs to patients through its technology platform and global partners in the future."

Mr. Chengyu Mao, co-founder of Yunqi Partners, said, “The digitization and intelligentization of drug development and production are an important part of digital intelligent manufacturing and a key path for the modernization of the pharmaceutical industry. As the first Chinese pharmaceutical developer, Triastek’s base manufacturing technology has brought digital upgrades to the development and production of the pharmaceutical industry. We believe that the team led by Dr. Senping Cheng and its complete engineering manufacturing ecosystem will show the Chinese speed and innovation advantages and become the world’s leading pharmaceutical technology company in the future."

Mr. Yijing Xie, Managing Director and Head of the Medical and Life Technology Group of China Renaissance, said, "Congratulations on Triastek’s successful completion of this round of financing. During the two rounds of financing with the company, we are honored to witness the continuous growth of an industry leader. Intelligent pharmaceutical manufacturing is triggering a new round of revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to the birth of the world’s first intelligent pharmaceutical manufacturing center andmaking 3D printing technology push the pharmaceutical industry to a new peak."

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