Triastek Announces Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to Advance and Accelerate Research and Development of Innovative Pharmaceutical Products with MED® 3D Printing Technology


NANJING, China, March 17, 2023  -- Triastek, Inc. ("Triastek"), a global healthcare company developing medicines with proprietary, pioneering 3D printing technology, announced a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim China to explore the application of Triastek’s proprietary Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®) 3D printing technology in accelerating the development of the dosage form for new chemical entity (NCE).



The collaboration was initiated and led by the Boehringer Ingelheim China Pharmaceutical Development Department. According to the agreement, Triastek will conduct prototype development of the NCE using its 3D printing Formulation by Design (3DFbD®) technology. Triastek will deploy its MED® technology to create multiple prototypes of the NCE by exploring different dose design and drug release behavior at speed, ultimately accelerating the research and development cycle, and increasing the success rate of product development.

Dr. Jun Lu, head of Pharmaceutical Development Department at Boehringer Ingelheim China, said: "We are delighted to work with Triastek to jointly explore innovative approaches and applications of 3D printing technology in accelerating new drug development. It is highly expected that this collaboration will demonstrate the great value of 3D printing technology in new drug R&D, bring more confidence to both parties, deepen partnership to empower Boehringer Ingelheim’s drug development, in China and across the globe, and ultimately benefit patients."

"We are excited to start our formal collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim as we continue our work to revolutionize the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products with our 3D printing technology, " said Dr. Senping Cheng, founder and CEO of Triastek. "Our MED® technology was designed to facilitate product development at speed and at scale to solve ongoing challenges in pharmaceutical research and development and ultimately, to optimize treatments for patients. "

This is Triastek’s formal collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim, having previously worked together through Boehringer Ingelheim’s Open Innovation portal, opnMe. Triastek’s MED® technology was used to improve the druggability of a low solubility drug resulting in increased bioavailability in animals. The project was successfully completed in 2022.


About Triastek

Triastek, Inc. is a global healthcare company, developing medicines with proprietary, pioneering 3D printing technology. Triastek is dedicated to revolutionizing the delivery, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products by unlocking the next generation of medicine through the use of 3D printing technology. Its state-of-the-art technology, called Melt-Extrusion Deposition (MED®), facilitates the development of medicines with complex structures to enable controlled and precise release of treatments. Since 2021, three products independently developed by Triastek, T19, T20 and T21, have successfully obtained clinical trial approval (IND) from the US FDA.


About Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®)

Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®) 3D printing is an additive manufacturing, end-to-end technology that continuously converts powder feedstocks into softened/molten states followed by precise layer-by-layer deposition to produce objects with well-designed geometric structures. This optimized product design helps control when, where and how much medicine is released in the gastrointestinal tract, ensuring a more targeted and efficacious drug delivery. MED® technology can be used to design and develop new chemical entities (NCE) as well as highly differentiated lifecycle management products for unmet medical and clinical needs.


About 3D printing Formulation by Design (3DFbD®)

The 3DFbD® approach enables fast prototyping of 3D printed tablets with uniquely designed structures, desired release profiles and pharmacokinetic profiles in a short development cycle, providing a powerful tool to accelerate early product development.

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