Triastek Hosts Intelligent Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Open Day


Representatives from pharmaceutical companies participated to explore the 3D printing technology for innovative pharmaceutical application

On March 9th, the Triastek Intelligent Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Open Day was successfully held in Nanjing, China. More than 20 participants from the companies joined the event and exchanged ideas of the application of computer-based formulation development and continuous manufacturing.

During the event, Xianghao Zuo, PhD, R&D Director of Triastek,presented Triastek’s proprietary MED® technology and application. Through computer modeling and formulation expertise, Triastek has developed a series of drug delivery technology platforms, including: precise controlled-release platform, multichamber platform, solubility and bootability enhancement platform, colon-targeted platform, oral peptide platform, and Gastric-Retentive platform.These platforms can beutilized in combination flexibly to attain various release behaviors, thus making different APIs to be released intargeted locations. Thiswill createhuge possibilities for pharmaceutical product development.

A few highlights from the Open Day:

• The FIH data of T21 –a 3D printed drug product developed through colon-targeted delivery platform

• A tour of Triastek’s Operation Center of Excellence, which is the first 3D printing continuous manufacturing line for pharmaceuticals.Currently, this facility is under validation for largescale production witha maximum capacity ofup to 50 million tablets annually.

• A briefing from Xin Liu,PhD, Senior Director of Pharmaceutical R&D at Triastek, onthe progressof Triastek’s pipeline products as well as the regulatory updates in different countries and territories.

• A presentation, by Zhenju Lu, manager of a Merck application lab who shared Merck’s experience in utilizing high-performance excipients for drug solubilization.

In line with the Triastek’s commitment to empowering industry innovation through collaboration and scientific discussion, the company was pleased to host the Triastek Intelligent Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Open Day. The event brought together pharmaceutical industry leaders to discuss the newest scientific innovations and technological applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing to help advance the next generation of medicine.

Building on this event, Triastek will continue to host annual events for industry experts to discuss the future of intelligent pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

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