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Broad applications of 3D printing technology in pharmaceuticals

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Triastek is advancing multiple transformative 3D printed drug products in its development pipeline, among which four drugs (T19, T20, T21, T22) have obtained IND clearance from the FDA, and three drugs (T19, T20G, D23) have abtained IND clearance from NMPA in China. All of these products are open for out-licensing.

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Through the flexible combination of multiple 3D microstructure designs, our delivery technology platforms were built to address a wide range of clinical applications. By capitalizing the synergy of various drug release profiles and precise sites targeting, our platforms bring unlimited opportunities in solid dosage forms development.
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Patient Benefit
We enhance patients' well-being through increased efficacy and safety, reduced dosage frequency, and improved medication adherence.
Efficient Development
Based on formulation know-how and structural design to expedite product development and clinical supplies to reduce overall development time and costs.
Patent Barrier
With a comprehensive patent strategy, a robust patent portfolio has been established to safeguard our intellectual property.
Continuous Manufacturing
We have constructed GMP compliant continuous 3D printing production center with a maximum annual capacity of 75 million tablets in the initial production line for agile and flexible product supply.

Market Competitiveness Through
3D-Printed Drug Products

Strategic Life Cycle Management for Branded Products Acceleration of New Molecule Development and Manufacturing

Explore innovative pathways with diverse technology platforms

Fortify patent strategies for enhanced protection of products

Your Trusted Global Partner for FDA 505(b)(1) & 505(b)(2) and NMPA 1-Product & 2-Product Solutions.

Our Cases

In March 2023, Triastek had partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim China to explore the application of Triastek's proprietary Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®) 3D printing technology in accelerating the development of the dosage form for new chemical entity (NCE). Triastek deploys its MED® technology to create multiple prototypes of NCE by exploring different dose designs and drug release behaviors at speed, ultimately accelerating the R&D cycle and increasing product development success rates.
In July 2022, Triastek partnered with global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly to research and develop 3D printed oral drugs for the gastrointestinal tract. The project leveraged Triastek's proprietary Melt Extrusion Deposition (MED®) technology to fabricate programmed drug release profiles to target specific areas of the human digestive system.
In 2022, MilliporeSigma's SAFC Raw Material team collaborated with Triastek on a joint research project to demonstrate the applicability of the PVA solubility enhancement platform for 3DP using MED® technology. A particular focus of the project was to achieve the continuous printing of a poorly soluble drug. The collaboration revealed significant synergies between Triastek's MED® technology and MilliporeSigma's PVA solubility excipient.
In March 2022, Triastek and Siemens signed a strategic collaboration agreement to provide digital technologies for the global pharmaceutical industry. Combining Triastek's industry-leading 3D printing and digital pharmaceutical technologies and Siemens' global leadership in automation and digitization is expected to lead to innovative and transformative solutions for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

In November 2023, Triastek and Siemens signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement while attending CIIE. The two companies will continue to focus on the goal of "digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry" to jointly develop world-leading digital pharmaceutical technology and production solutions and promote the digital transformation of global pharmaceutical companies.
In April 2021, Triastek announced a collaboration about product development and commercialization with Sperogenix Therapeutics, focusing on the research and development and commercialization of drugs for rare diseases in China, to jointly develop an modified new drug T22 for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PAH). Sperogenix Therapeutics obtained the exclusive commercial rights of T22 in East Asia.

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