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3D Microstructure for Colon Targeting,

3D Microstructure for Colon Targeting can design 3D printed prototypes with multiple release control mechanisms of time and pH, according to the different goals of local efficacy or systemic absorption of the drug, allowing to reduce the impact of individual gastrointestinal differences on drug delivery and achieve more precise delivery to the colon region of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Structure Design of 3DμS®-CT
3DμS®-CT has a unique 3D structure that enables precise drug delivery with a combination of multiple release control mechanisms.
Application Scenarios of
3D Microstructure for Colon Targeting is poised to become the best colonic drug delivery system for local efficacy or systemic absorption.

    Local Efficacy

    Systemic Absorption

Advantages of 3DμS®-CT

Precise Delivery

With a dual release control mechanism based on time and pH , the active ingredient is precisely delivered to the target site of the colon.

Wide Applicability

Widely used in chemical and biological drugs, supporting complex drug release behavior, such as single release or multiple releases.

lmage Tracking Technology

The imaging design of the 3D microstructure is designed to precisely and efficiently track drug transport time and drug release site in the gastrointestinal tract.

Increase R&D Efficiency

To accelerate the pharmaceutical R&D process, flexible adjustment of drug formulations and small batch printing of experimental drugs is supported.

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